Holding these Moments

Based in Los Angeles, Colorado raised Dan Elswick is a union camera operator working mostly on non-scripted and competition shows. Holding These Moments is his directorial debut.

Ricardo Cozzolino is an award winning freelance editor and writer.  Over his 2-decade career, he’s cut a wide variety of content, from national broadcasted promos to full length documentaries but not porn or snuff films.

Charles Chaussinand is a long time touring musician in the hardcore scene and audio engineer  Having done work behind the camera previously scoring and mixing films, this is Charles' first time stepping into a "Producer" role. He has multiple Star Trek tattoos and is excellent at skipping rocks.

Producer Greg Bennick (Flight From Death; The Philosopher Kings; On the Wild Side) is a humanitarian activist (, a professional speaker, and is a long time member of the hardcore/punk scene. He likes long walks on the beach.

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